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Jakob Vinther

Departments of Earth and Biological Sciences

University of Bristol,

Woodland Road, Bristol BS8 1UG

Telephone: +44 (0) 117 928 8041

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Email: jakob.vinther [at]

please use alternatively vinther.jakob [at]

Born: 24th November, 1981


2000-2003    Bachelors degree in exogenous geology, University of Copenhagen

2003-2006    Masters degree in palaeontology and zoology, University of Copenhagen

2006-2011    PhD in paleontology, molecular biology, Yale University

2011-2012    Post doc. Jackson school of Earth Sciences, UT Austin, Texas.

2012-             Lecturer in the departments of Biology and Earth Sciences, University of Bristol


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1. Vinther, J. and Nielsen, C. 2005 The Early Cambrian Halkieria is a mollusc, Zoologica Scripta, 34(1), 81-89 (PDF).

Book Chapters

Danmarks ældste fossil (Denmark’s oldest fossil), pp. 103 in: Naturen i Danmark - Geologien, K. S. Jensen and G. Larsen (Eds), Gyldendal, 552 pp.


John F. Enders Fellowship (2009). To conduct studies on early molluscan evolution. $1000.

Carlsberg Foundation (2009). To study aplacophorans and chitons using housekeeping gene phylogeny reconstruction and dating as well as microRNA sequencing. 100.00 DKR ~ $17,000

Yale Center for Field Ecology Pilot grant (2008). To conduct field work in the Early Ordovician rocks of the Anti Atlas Region of Morocco. $2000 dollars.

Malacological Society of London (2007). To conduct molecular biological research on chitons and aplacophorans. 1000 British pounds ~ $1500.

I have also been involved in the successful acquisition of grants derived from my research from the National Geographic foundation: an explorers grant to study the Early Ordovician rocks of the Anti Atlas Region of Morocco (PI: Derek E. G. Briggs) and a Waitts grant to study the coloration of fossil birds and dinosaurs (Grantee Richard O. Prum) and more recently another Waitts grant to study the colors of Archaeopteryx (Grantee Ryan M. Carney).


The Schibbyan prize (2006),  Danish Natural History Society. For the paper: Vinther and Nielsen 2005. The Early Cambrian Halkieria is a mollusc.

Gaylord Simpson Prize, Yale (2008): For the paper: Vinther et al. 2008. Machaeridians are Palaezoic armoured annelids.

Sylvester Bradley award, Palaeontological Association (2009). To study the early evolution of annelids.

Estwing Hammer prize, Yale (2010). For excellence in research as a PhD at the Yale Geology and Geophysics department.

Gaylord Simpson Prize, Yale (2010). For the paper: Vinther 2009. The canal system in sclerites of Lower Cambrian Sinosachites (Halkieriidae: Sachitida): Significance for the molluscan affinites of the sachitids.

James Dwight Dana Fund. Supporting PhD studies at Yale 2009-2010.

Philip M. Orville Prize (2011).  For excellence in graduate studies in the Earth Sciences at Yale Dept. of Geology and Geophysics.

Palass Hodson Award (2012)


Popular work

Vinther, J. Oct 2011. Siriuspasset - et vindue til den Kambriske Eksplosion (Siriuspasset - a window to the Cambrian Explosion). Geologisk Nyt.

Vinther, J. Spring-Summer 2010. An ancient armored worm brought to life. Yale Environmental News, 15(2), 10-11.

Vinther. J. Fall-Winter 2009-2010. Dinosaurs in Technicolor. Yale Environmental News, 15 (1), 22.

Vinther, J. 2010. Dinosaurer i Technicolor (Dinosaurs in Technicolor), Geologisk Nyt, February, 4-9.

Vinther, J. 2008. Pansrede fossile børsteorme (Fossil armoured bristleworms). DYR (Animals, journal title), Zoologisk Museum 1, 6-9. (Link)  

Vinther, J. 2005/2006 - 2006/2007. Den Kambriske Eksplosion; Dag fem i skabelsesberetningen (The Cambrian Explosion; the fifth day in the story of creation) Dansk Naturhistorisk Forenings Årsskrift (Danish Natural History Society, "Yearly Magazine"), 16 and 17, 9-23.

Vinther, J. og Jørgensen, A. F. 2005. Undervandspalæontologi og eremitkrebs som liebhavere (Translated title: Underwater palaeontology and hermit crabs, living in old houses) Varv 2, 22-26.

Vinther, J. 2004. Halkieria - et fossil fra Nedre Kambrium (Halkieria- a fossil from the Lower Cambrian) Varv 4, 3-15.

The Chiton, Mopalia, in early spiral cleavage, 64 cell stage

Trochophore larvae of Mopalia muscosa, under birefringent light

Radio interviews

Nights, a show from New Zealand, fall of 2008. Talking about fossil colors, Listen.

Videnskabens verden, January 24. 2009, Talking about fossil colors, Listen

Videnskabens verden, January 31, 2009, Talking about Penis worms and Early Cambrian enigmas, Listen

TV show

National Geographic produced an episode for Naked Science titled: Dinomorphosis on our work on reconstructing the first colors ever of a dinosaur. Link.


ScienCentral, August 12, 2008.  About fossil color, Link.

Sciencefriday, February, 2010. About fossil color, Link.

News media

Several magazine articles have been written on my work in National Geographic, NY Times, The Economist, Der Spiegel, Science Illustrated and many more.

An article were featured about feathers in National Geographic magazine, february 2011 written by Carl Zimmer.


Butterwort, Pinguiqula vulgaris, Iceland 2010

The Brachiopod, Terebratalia with the lophophore relaxed and retracted

The chiton, Mopalia muscosa, while spawning in petri dishes: Left, male and right; female

Starfish embryo at early gastrula stage